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TAG Heuer Brand Portal

We were approached by Holistic Communications, a Swiss creative agency, to collaborate on a global initiative with their main client TAG Heuer.

TAG Heuer needed to protect their huge investment in brand ambassadors, to improve the standards of their advertising production globally and to centrally police marketing activity throughout their worldwide network of over 1,000 approved retailers. TAG Heuer believed they could only achieve this degree of control by switching to a large agency network model.

Holistic’s brief to us was simple: come up with a smart solution to persuade them otherwise!

Our solution was to develop an online brand management portal, to manage the distribution and re-use of brand material and centralise all requests for retailer adaptation into a single resource.

The system allows central marketing and the creative agency to enforce creative standards and usage rights on a global basis. By developing the ability to order localised material, we ensured that all markets retained local promotional control, but importantly, by centralising studio service into a single Loveurope resource, all material was now being produced to improved, exact and compliant global standards.