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The Family

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Project Manager
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Creative Director
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Senior Project Manager
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Creative Artworker
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Project Co-ordinator
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Client Services Director
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Digital Designer
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Creative Director
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Studio Manager
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Sales Director
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Client Services Director
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Creative Director
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Digital Designer
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Founder & CEO Textappeal
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Creative Production
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Founder and People Director Textappeal
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Credit Controler
Frank Snow's picture
Indigo & Colour Controller
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Head of Image Services
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Sales & Corporate Account Handler
Ian Nunn's picture
Head of Colour Management
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New Business Executive
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Digital Developer
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Financial Controller
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Creative Artworker
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John Cunningham's picture
Senior Artworker
John Virgo's picture
Executive Head of Production
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Head of Implementation
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Project Co-ordinator
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Group Secretary/Facilities
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Production Assistant
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Account Manager
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Senior Editor
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Accounts Payable
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Account Manager
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Business Development and Marketing
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Print Production Assistant
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Senior Production Manager
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Indigo Press Operator
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Account Manager
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Production Director
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Client Services Director
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Microsoft Office Specialist
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Finance Director
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Founder & Managing Partner
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Creative Artworker
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Digital Designer
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European Production
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Finance Manager
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Sergio Arboledas's picture
Marketing Executive
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Creative Services Manager
Simon Britten's picture
Print Production Controller
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Graphic Designer
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General Manager
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Business Development and Marketing Manager
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Chief Executive Officer
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Digital Designer
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Senior Project Manager
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Production Manager
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Graphic Designer
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Business Development
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Project Manager
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Head of Languages
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Project Co-ordinator
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Senior Artworker
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Account Director