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LOCOG Ticketing Campaign

LOCOG needed to drive sales of 6.6 million tickets. Of course many of the flagship events would sell themselves but for the lesser known events in regional locations the advertising needed to be effective.

The creative concepts for the initial campaign showcased the various events taking place against a backdrop of the Olympic park venues. Given that building work was in provisional stages there was no option to shoot on location so we provisioned CGI wire-frames and modelled the buildings from the ground up.

The initial renders looked stunning but lacked some of the photorealism required, we needed to apply some subtle retouching that made all the difference in creating a convincing final ad. Our Loveurope photographers also shot foreground scenes including the Taikwondo scene with the athletes atop the ExCeL building.

The final campaign had blanket coverage across the UK and all media channels making it one of the most comprehensive campaigns ever run.