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J.P.Morgan ISA Campaign

J.P.Morgan Asset Management have just launched their all new ISA campaign through national press, specialist press, Out Of Home and online. Loveurope have been instrumental in providing a wide range of advertising production services, including mastering, adapting and production delivery for the entire campaign.

The focus of the campaign is to show that J.P.Morgan Asset Management understand the customer and their needs, portrayed in three core creative executions running through the campaign. The creatives reflect J.P.Morgan Asset Management's aim to treat customers equally, regardless of their wealth. The campaign conveys their understanding of how people work hard now and make sacrifices, for a long-term investment in the future.

Loveurope also designed and created an ISA Coffee Event. Coffee vans giving away free coffee were opened up in three major railways stations across London. This was to demonstrate how easy it is to save money with people spending an estimated £50 on coffee a month.

This was the first campaign to honour the new brand guidelines set out by J.P.Morgan Asset Management, which Loveurope also developed.